Fighting History by Marysol James

fh mj book cover.jpg

Overall it was a good book, I enjoyed the different characters and plot lines but I didn’t really care much for the H Joe and the h Maggie she was spineless as he basically said and the only reason he changed his selfish ways  was because he no longer had his dad’s money.
Maggie was strong when she met him again as she had to because she was working for him as she had no choice but near the end despite the tragedy which had happened she screamed of desperation and I would have liked to have seen her move on instead of pining for him for the last couple of years while he didn’t even think of her once  and now because no girl will want him as he has no money he regrets all the bad stuff he did to her but I wonder for how long he’ll stay faithful towards her as she seems to be spineless yet again lol and I don’t really think it’s HEA more like a HFN situation.