Her Wildest Dreams by Shiloh Walker

hwd sw book cover

I liked this book in the beginning when Allie a shy little wallflower stood up for herself when getting mugged and I felt for Allie when her brother’s best friend Alex who helps her and whom she has a crush on basically hurts her feelings after sleeping with her, so after that and a few other things that makes her angry she quits her job, she has a makeover and goes to Ireland for a break and it made me happy seeing her move on over there with someone who is experienced.
When she does come back Alex is obviously shocked at her change and is jealous and I thought he was a little shallow because she only caught his eye after the makeover and before that he was calling her a dull mouse and was comparing her to other women and I thought it would get better from there but basically the rest of the pages was her showing Alex what the man from Ireland had taught her and I thought the ending was very quick but overall it was a good read.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars