Imaginary Grace by Anne Holster


Tanner has always gotten what he wants from girls – whether it’s the co-ed sitting next to him in class or the scantily dressed groupies that follow his band, Hudson-Nash. There’s only one woman immune to his charms, and that’s his mother. Tired of Tanner’s hard partying, she’s waiting for him to grow up and settle down, preferably with a nice girl. When she refuses to finance his tour with the band, Tanner knows he’ll have to find a way to change her mind.

Grace Roberts is not like most college girls. Shy and bookish, she prefers sneakers to stilettos and never quite mastered the art of taming her mane of unmanageable hair. Guys are not exactly throwing themselves at her, so when Tanner Reed, the hottest guy in school (scratch that, the hottest guy anywhere!) takes an interest in her, it seems too good to be true.

Bound by his deception and her girlish hopes, Tanner and Grace will be forced to question everything they believe about each other, and themselves. When these two get together, anything can happen and anyone can get hurt. Anyone can fall in love.

I give this book 3 stars

This story I liked but I thought it could have been better, the characters I found Grace to be very immature and Tanner I began to warm up to him as the story went on but I couldn’t really see the chemistry between them and their friends got on my nerves they both seemed a bit too much and seeing as Grace had a crush on Tanner I thought she would know what kind of bad boy he was but to me it seemed like she had no idea and with Tanner it seemed to be every page that he was in bed with a girl or two when I was wanting him to interact more with Grace.
Tanner I also thought was shallow due to the way he used Grace for his own means and as he only began to really like Grace when she had a makeover and was wearing dresses, I would have liked to have seen Grace being stronger too but I did like how she was a geek having a crush on the bad boy who was also a rockstar and it did make me wonder after the ending that if Grace ever did walk out on Tanner, would he go back to his manwhore ways?


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