The Domville by 

tdv 6 cjf book cover

This story made me smile, laugh and cringe lol, I felt for the h Toni as she is still pining for her old college friend Finian the college playboy who left her ten years ago to go to Dubai and never bothered to contact her again because she drunkenly confessed her feelings to him and of course back then she was always kept in the friend zone and now it’s the class reunion and Finian is going to be there and she decides to go and make him see what he’s been missing.
I like the H Finian especially when he first sees her at the reunion and this time he falls for her and I liked her reaction when she first sees him that did make me smile and it was nice for him to eventually go after what he wants rather than her do the chasing.
So overall I enjoyed this book from start to finish and I would have like to have read more about them and their future.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars


The Tycoon’s Captured Heart by Elizabeth Lennox

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I liked this book but the characters did get on my nerves a bit, I found Scarlett a bit immature and I think it would have been better if she actually did date someone else rather than pining over the H Grayson who was referred to as an alpha kind of character but I saw no proof and I’m pleased and surprised that there was no ow in the book.
Scarlett was mostly doing all the chasing with a little help from their group of friends so the chemistry I was expecting wasn’t there and the ending I thought was a little rushed, I did like the novella though at the end of the book.

I give this 3 out of 5 stars

totga jd book cover
This was a very short story and I think it’s more like a hfn than a hea as the H basically lead her on at the beginning and then broke the news that he was having an on/off relationship with another woman, he then left her and moved in with his gf.
If it was a longer story I would have liked to have seen her move on but he does come back after a few months and telling her that even though he loves her he slept with his gf to see if any new feelings would happen but nothing did all he kept thinking about was her so he dumped his gf and crawled back to her and she let him.
The reason why I say it’s a hfn is because his dad is dying and that’s one of the reasons why he’s come back to stay but once his dad dies he might decide to leave again and get back in an on/off relationship with his ex gf.
I give it 2 out of 5 stars


Closer To You by Amanda McIntyre

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I liked this time travelling story and how the h Lilly who is a librarian is into the wild west and cowboys and is basically living a simple life but as soon as she time travels into that era she is actually a bordello madam and it’s the sheriff who she first sees when he’s at her bedroom door complaining about her business.
I would have liked to have seen her try and adapt and made a few mistakes and maybe panic a little lol but she went along with it and I liked how she stood her ground and I thought the sheriff’s reputation was a little too clean for that era but aside from that the romance was good and I liked the ending.

Natasha’s Awakening by J.A. Melville

na jam bookcover

This book caught my eye because I like the boss and assistant theme and I enjoyed from what I read because I only got into it halfway through as the beginning to the middle is just mostly sex but I did like how he got jealous when she only spoke to another man.
I liked both characters but it seemed to me that they didn’t really know each other personally and I thought she was a little too trusting as she was his PA for a year and saw women come and go and then all of a sudden he wanted her and if it wasn’t for the pregnancy plotline he would have dropped her after the week of just sex and steered to the nearest blonde.
it did get a bit exciting near the end especially when his ex turned up and I thought the h was a bit too gullible but it all ended well and I liked the epilogues.

Her Wildest Dreams by Shiloh Walker

hwd sw book cover

I liked this book in the beginning when Allie a shy little wallflower stood up for herself when getting mugged and I felt for Allie when her brother’s best friend Alex who helps her and whom she has a crush on basically hurts her feelings after sleeping with her, so after that and a few other things that makes her angry she quits her job, she has a makeover and goes to Ireland for a break and it made me happy seeing her move on over there with someone who is experienced.
When she does come back Alex is obviously shocked at her change and is jealous and I thought he was a little shallow because she only caught his eye after the makeover and before that he was calling her a dull mouse and was comparing her to other women and I thought it would get better from there but basically the rest of the pages was her showing Alex what the man from Ireland had taught her and I thought the ending was very quick but overall it was a good read.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars

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This book made me smile all the way through, I loved the beginning of how they first met and I loved both Bentley and Miri and even though Bentley was all for the women I thought him sweet and I’m pleased that Miri kept him in the friend zone and I loved her grandmother despite her and other people’s attitude to Miri’s cousin Maise who wasn’t in the book that much, she was described as Bentley’s female version but there wasn’t really a reason in the story for her to be hated.
I liked how the romance was sizzling but was yet slow and the ending was satisfying but it still made me want to read more.
 I give this book 5 out of 5 stars

Take Me by T.A. Grey

tm tag book cover

The h was the event planner for his wedding to his mate but he took one look at her and that was it and an affair begun but the H was like a spoilt little boy so I shouldn’t have been really shocked about how he kept the h on a string and then lie to her about him breaking the engagement to OW, and then basically told her she wasn’t fit to marry him because she didn’t have the right backgound and breeding and then basically forces himself onto her and then OW finds out and decides she doesn’t want to marry him so he goes to the h and proposes to her which I can’t understand seeing as originally in his eyes she wasn’t fit to marry him lol and she accepts when I wanted her to move on and leave him in the dust and then he blames her for his ex causing trouble and yet she comes back for more.
I did enjoy being in that world though and I liked the other characters so I will be reading the next two books in the series.

I give this 2 out of 5 stars

Until There Was You by Heatherly Bell

utwy hb book cover

A pleasant book but Wallace was a bit wishy washy to me and he was a bit slow on the uptake but as I read on I could understand why, Genevieve was a strong character and I was glad to see that she tried to move on despite the man being a look alike for Wallace lol.
The chemistry between them was good and I liked their families especially his mother and I liked the ending despite it being a little short.

I give this 3 out of 5 stars

Heaven Around The Corner by Betty Neels

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This book I thought was a little different from what I’ve read from her books, the h Louisa I did like and I’m happy that her stepmother was only in a few pages but the H Simon I didn’t really like in this book, to me he seemed more 2 dimensional than her usual characters and he would be luke warm for a second or two and then cold to Louisa again.
His step sister whom Louisa was looking after was very spoilt and an alcoholic and was magically cured by her lover and there was a few times where I wanted Louisa to tell her exactly what she thought of her especially towards the end.
I did like the description of Holland and the little tea shops, it makes me want to go lol.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars