To Love Jason Thorn Ella Maise

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I read this book in one sitting because it hooked me straight from the first page to where Jason and Olive first met as children and the heartbreak that happened even though you knew that was going to happen because of the age difference between them and the tragedy that made Jason leave.
My first thoughts of Jason as an adult was I thought he was a bad boy and very spoilt due to the way he reacted to the scandal that was happening there and then and I thought it would take a while for him to grow on me but I really liked him when he met Olive again and Olive I did like even though there were some bits where I actually cringed lol.
I liked how she was a best selling author and he was a famous actor who was going to act as the main character from her book and I loved how the chemistry sizzled between them and the way they ended up together due to his scandals and reputation and I loved the ending it made me smile but it still left me wanting more. I give this 5 out of 5 stars