Romantic Encounter by Betty Neels

re bn bookcoverWhen the vicar’s daughter met the surgeon…

Florence Napier thought Alexander Fitzgibbon a cold, humorless man. The eminent surgeon had hired her as the new nurse for his private practice, but he didn’t seem to like her.

Nor was Florence at all sure she liked him. Still, she had to admit he was a dedicated doctor, generous with his skills and considerate toward his patients.

Slowly Florence began to notice that many of Alexander Fitzgibbon’s actions contradicted his aloof demeanor, revealing a man who was as attractive inside as out. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise when she realized, one day, that she’d fallen in love with him…

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars

This book got me straight away and I havent been able to put it down, I had mixed feelings about the H Alexander but Florence I did like, she was fiery as she was described in the book and in this one she wasn’t a plain Jane which makes me think if she was perhaps Alexander might have softened towards her lol. Alexander did eventually grow on me but just like Florence when you began to like him he would do a big turn around and you would begin to dislike him again.
I liked how Florence stood up to herself when it came to the ow who didn’t do much mischief and it made a nice change and I liked the settings and Florence’s family, I enjoyed it when Alexander got a little jealous but didn’t show it when she talks to an engaged co worker at the hospital and I enjoyed the ending despite it being short.