Skin by Lydia Michaels

s lm book cover.jpg

I liked this book because I can relate to the h Erin but I didn’t like how she kept putting herself down but at some point she did learn to like herself more which made me happy.
I liked the H Finnegan he was sweet and I liked the beginning to when they first met, I didn’t think he was the alpha type as he ran after his ex whenever she phoned but you could understand as she was the only girl he had known until Mallory but there was a couple of parts where I thought he was a bit dumb.
Some bits did seem repetitive and I got a bit of fed up hearing about Mallory going on about her doctor and other things that were to do with her weight but I did like how she didn’t give up and reading this book might give some people inspiration.
I liked the ending even though I could have read more and seen more of her family and I’m satisfied about the situation with his ex.
I give this book 4 out of 5 stars