The Right Kind of Girl by Betty Neels

trkog bn bookcover

A suitable wife?

Emma Trent had spent most of her life looking after other people, so it was a shock to encounter a man so determined to take care of her – Sir Paul Wyatt was fast becoming her very own guardian angel!
She was hardly in a position to turn down his proposal of marriage, even if it was motivated by convenience on his part. With her plain looks and practical nature, Emma knew her limitations, but longed for children of her own. Could the eminent surgeon be the answer to all her dreams?

I give this book 2 stars

I found this book to be a little frustrating than her other books, I found the H Paul very confusing, unlikable aswell as frustrating and I thought the h Emma was a bit of a doormat with him because he would do his own thing and she would be left on her own, I know it’s a marriage of convenience but I would like to see a bit of affection lol.
As usual we have the ow but this time she’s just a troublemaker who isn’t the ow but wants to be and she runs the orphanage where Emma goes to work part tine seeing as Paul leaves her on her own alot and Diana sees an opportunity to cause trouble by getting Emma to help some people who are stranded and when Paul finds out she tells him that Emma wanted to go on her own and not get an ambulance, so Paul and Emma argue and this is the point now where I really dislike Paul as he tells Emma that “Diana is worth a dozen of you”when she tries to explain abot what Diana really said and the only reason he eventually believes her is when a lady who works at the orphanage tells him that she overheard what had been said and that Diana had been lying.
Now I’m expecting him to come home to Emma and for him to apolgise and grovel to her but he doesn’t and somehow towards the end despite all the trouble the ow had caused she’s the one who is apologising to him when he tells her he’ll go to America on his own, I’m pleased there was a part where he goes and tells Diana what he thinks of her but I think he is one of the worst characters out of all Betty’s books for saying that to Emma and I would have liked to have seen Emma grow a backbone rather than choosing to be second best if he went with Diana.
I would have liked it better if she threw him out whilst explaining what had really happened, divorce him, let Diana know that’s all hers now and then marry someone who thinks she’s worth a dozen over any woman, I thought the ending as usual was very quick and I still didn’t see him apologise to her, not at all satisfying.



The Most Marvellous Summer by Betty Neels

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She had everything — everything but love

Matilda had beauty, charm, intelligence, a kind and generous nature–it was surprising that she was still single and uninvolved.

But despite any number of offers, she remained heart-whole and fancy-free. Until she met eminent surgeon James Scott-Thurlow. It was love at first sight for Matilda.

He was the only man she’d ever wanted to marry! But as luck would have it, James was already engaged–to the glamorous Rhoda. And it was clear he hadn’t fallen for Matilda… .

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars

I always find Betty’s books a nice escapeism and this one was enjoyable, I liked how it was all set in the countryside and I like the H  James and the h Matilda and I enjoyed the beginning when they first meet in the church and it’s love at first sight for Matilda and I did find James a little confusing at times throughout the book as he was nice one second and the next he would be snarky to Matilda, I liked how she spoke her mine and especially when she decided she had enough of working for the not so nice Lady Fox, I disliked Rhoda whom James was engaged too but I thought her character wasn’t as bad as some in her other books because she wasn’t in it that much despite her being mentioned alot.
I did like the ending especially when James was trying to tell her something important and she wouldn’t listen to him and then how she was planning to escape so she wouldn’t know when he got married, the only thing that I would have enjoyed more reading about is Lady Fox and her reaction to that her daughter wasn’t going to get married first lol.

The Hasty Marriage by Betty Neels

thm bn bookcoverLaura had always been used to taking second place to her pretty younger sister, Joyce. If Joyce wanted something, she got it! It was, therefore, no surprise to Laura that when she fell in love with the attractive Dutch doctor Reilof van Meerum, he chose Joyce instead. But when Joyce walked out on him to marry another, richer man, Reilof asked “her” to marry him. He needed a wife, and Laura, it seemed, would do as well as anyone. So she accepted–but could she really expect to be happy with a man who did not love her?

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars

This book kind of took me out of my comfort zone, I’ve read Betty’s stories where the H is engaged to another woman which is fine because to the h that woman is a stranger and the H always ends up falling in love with the h and then he finds a way to break up that engagement and alls well that ends well but in this book I found it a bit uncomforting that he proposes to the h Laura’s spoilt little sister and when her sister elopes with another man, Laura who in my eyes has no dignity or pride decides to marry him in her sister’s place and he basically tells her that she is second best.
I would have been happier reading the book if Laura despite being in love with the H had just packed up everything she had and then tells the H that her sister belongs to him now and then she moves on to a better life and then marry someone who loves her and puts her first but as from what I’ve written above she doesn’t lol.
I did like that Laure had some backbone and that the H Reilof did get jealous when she made his friends with his younger partner, I didn’t like how she kept comparing to herself to her sister and it made me chuckle when Reilof tells Laura he basically married a similar woman to her sister years ago and yet he couldn’t see that history would have been repeating itself, he wasn’t very tactful towards her and most of the time he kept her down without knowing it and obviously her sister comes back and causes trouble which makes Laura eventually leave which I was happy about as I was hoping throughout the book that she would but Reilof eventually finds her and basically tells her she’s no longer second best and it’s a happy ending all round but I think in the future that if her sister came back free and single he would probably take her as his mistress because to me that what her sister is stereotyped as in these books lol

The Girl with Green Eyes by Betty Neels

tgwge bn book coverLucy is happy at home–if only she could find Mr. Right to share it with. When the attractive, eminent pediatrician William Thurloe comes into her life, he’s the answer to her dreams. But why would he be interested in her?

3 out of 5 stars

This book I liked but not as much as her others, I couldn’t really see the chemistry between the h Lucy and H William and I thought he spent most of the time with the ow Fiona than with Lucy despite him falling in love with her, I would have liked to have seen him woo Lucy.
I did like the explanation he gave her towards the end that Fiona meant nothing to him and was all about having fun and taking her out whenever he got bored but all I could think was he must have been bored all the time considering the amount of time he spent with her lol and I wished Lucy did actually try and move on but she spent most of the time plotting ways in how to marry him but I did like near the end when he got a taste of his own medicine when he got falsely told that she was going to marry another man despite himself proposing to her beforehand.
I liked Lucy but she was always putting herself down and I thought she was a little on the stalker side lol and I found her family condescending especially about the orphanage where she worked at, I liked the ending especially where Fiona causes mischief but like all the others she wasn’t very clever, the ending wasn’t that satisfactory as it ended too quickly, I would have liked to have read about them going to her family and reading about their reactions but I’m happy that we did see Fiona’s reaction when she realised that no matter what William would never marry her.

Romantic Encounter by Betty Neels

re bn bookcoverWhen the vicar’s daughter met the surgeon…

Florence Napier thought Alexander Fitzgibbon a cold, humorless man. The eminent surgeon had hired her as the new nurse for his private practice, but he didn’t seem to like her.

Nor was Florence at all sure she liked him. Still, she had to admit he was a dedicated doctor, generous with his skills and considerate toward his patients.

Slowly Florence began to notice that many of Alexander Fitzgibbon’s actions contradicted his aloof demeanor, revealing a man who was as attractive inside as out. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise when she realized, one day, that she’d fallen in love with him…

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars

This book got me straight away and I havent been able to put it down, I had mixed feelings about the H Alexander but Florence I did like, she was fiery as she was described in the book and in this one she wasn’t a plain Jane which makes me think if she was perhaps Alexander might have softened towards her lol. Alexander did eventually grow on me but just like Florence when you began to like him he would do a big turn around and you would begin to dislike him again.
I liked how Florence stood up to herself when it came to the ow who didn’t do much mischief and it made a nice change and I liked the settings and Florence’s family, I enjoyed it when Alexander got a little jealous but didn’t show it when she talks to an engaged co worker at the hospital and I enjoyed the ending despite it being short.

Ring In A Teacup by Betty Neels

riatc bn bookcoverShe’d never seen a man so angry!

Nurse Lucy Prendergast had not made a good impression. Falling asleep during a consultant’s lecture was hardly the best way to attract the great man’s attention!

So she set out to correct the bad impression she’d made.
Dr. Fraam der Linssen, however, seemed to have a positive genius for catching her in the most awkward situations.

And anyway, why should she care what he thought? He’d already made it plain that he preferred her pretty friend, Mies.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars

I laughed at how the h who was a nurse Lucy first met the H who was a professor Fraam when she was asleep in his lecture, I liked how they met again in Holland when she was visiting her friend who I wasn’t too keen on but seeing as she wasn’t much in the story it didn’t bother me too much, I enjoyed how Fraam fell in love with Lucy but she was clueless throughout the story and I particularly like the blizzard plotline and how he came to be there at the right time.

What I didn’t really get is why even though he was in love with her he was still dating and going around with other women instead of slowly wooing her but when he proposed to her he did stop and I didn’t really get why that even when she told him she loved him he didn’t tell her the same, it left me confused especially when he tells her near the beginning that it will be her fault if he marries someone else.
I liked the tactic he used to get her back to Holland when he got her to look after her friend’s father despite him not really needing her.
There was the typical mischief of the ow who once again the h easily believed and obviously the ow got away with it, I did laugh at how Lucy got into a temper afterwards and threw her engagement ring into a teacup hence the title and how Fraam had to rescue her from a locked hotel room when she left her belongings in the house and had no money to pay.
The ending I did like but it was too short and there was no epilogue.

Heaven Around The Corner by Betty Neels

hatc bn bookcover.jpg

This book I thought was a little different from what I’ve read from her books, the h Louisa I did like and I’m happy that her stepmother was only in a few pages but the H Simon I didn’t really like in this book, to me he seemed more 2 dimensional than her usual characters and he would be luke warm for a second or two and then cold to Louisa again.
His step sister whom Louisa was looking after was very spoilt and an alcoholic and was magically cured by her lover and there was a few times where I wanted Louisa to tell her exactly what she thought of her especially towards the end.
I did like the description of Holland and the little tea shops, it makes me want to go lol.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars

Hannah by Betty Neels

h bn bookcover.jpg

This book I enjoyed from start to finish, I liked the h Hannah but the H Valentijn took a few pages for me to warm up to him, I did like when Hannah told him what she thought of him when she overheard him saying not so nice words about her to his niece.
The ow I did enjoy and as usual she wasn’t the brightest lol and for once I would like the h to actually do something rather than just walk away when the ow causes trouble and for the h to say a few words to her lazy selfish mother because in this book she was spoiled and frustrating.
I liked the medical setting and of course when she goes to Holland and lives with Valentijn’s family for a while when she’s looking after his niece’s little baby boy and I liked the ending aside from the ow causing trouble, the only thing that is missing is an epilogue which is the same in most of her books.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars

Dearest Mary Jane by Betty Neels

dmj bn bookcover.jpg

I enjoyed this book from start to finish, I liked both characters, Mary Jane and Thomas but I didn’t care much for her sister and her cousin but unlike some of the characters in other Betty’s books she wasn’t scared to fight back especially with her cousin and wife.
I liked how it was all set in a tea shop that she owned in a little village and she was independent and only needed Thomas when she really had to, I didn’t like how she got her wires crossed though because it seemed like everyone knew the doctor liked her apart from her and I didn’t really get how she believed her slimy cousin when she knew he was a trouble maker and I thought the ending was a bit too short, but I give this 5 stars because I liked the setting and it was a nice easy read.

I give this 5 out of 5 stars

Dearest Love by Betty Neels


dl bn book cover


I liked this book just as I like her others and in this book I got straight into it from page one because I enjoyed reading about her work, her animals and her little flat and how she met the doctor.
The H I did like but I didn’t like how he mostly pitied her and basically fell in love with her because of her change in clothes and not because of her being herself and I would have liked him to have spent more attention on her than with the ow ( I still think he had a relationship with her before he was married despite him denying it) and I wished the h would have slapped and threw her out of the house instead of pretending to be nice to her but I did like the ending and the epilogue was a nice surprise.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars