Mine by Sam Crescent

m sc bookcoverDaisy wants his sister’s best friend, Maria. She wants him to give her a chance to prove that she could be everything he wants. Can she handle the fact he wants to be in control of everything?

Maria’s tired of making the decisions. She yearns for a man who’ll love her, protect her, and stay faithful to her. She knows she’s different, but she can be everything Daisy needs.

Taking time away from the club, Daisy gives them a chance to see if Maria can give him what he wants, but also to show her he’s the kind of man she craves. They’re two unlikely souls that are destined to be together. Their time together shows that, and love blooms more powerfully than either could imagine.

However, when Maria tells him the truth about the pain his sister experienced, their peace comes 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars

This book like all of Sam’s others did not disappoint me, I enjoy reading the world of the Trojans aswell as the Skulls. The characters Maria and Daisy I did like despite Daisy’s carefree attitude of how he slept with other women despite Maria telling him how she felt about him and Maria was too quick to forgive him and I would have to liked to have seen her made him suffer a little bit more and it also made me think where is the proof of how she could trust him when they going to be alone in a cabin for a month with no women around for her to get the proof that he wouldn’t stray from her.
I liked how Daisy became all alpha despite being a little controlling and how he made Maria comfortable in herself and how he was patient with her, I would liked to have seen Maria have a bit experience when it came to men though.
I didn’t like his ex though when she turned up at the same place as them, I thought she needed more than a telling off lol but I think that was the part which made Maria trust him and I liked the side story about Beth and Knuckles and how Beth’s problems came to light and I liked catching up on what the other characters had been up to, I also enjoyed reading about Matthew and I’m hoping that one day he’ll get his own book as he seems like he could be an interesting character.
I enjoyed the ending especially the epilogue and I’m looking forward to reading the next book of this series to find out how Daisy and Maria are getting on.