Something About Lorelei by Sandi Lynn

sal sl book cover.jpg

After reading the reviews on Something About Lorelei on GoodreadsI was in two minds whether to read this one or not but I decided to give it a go and I’m pleased I did even though the beginning I wasn’t too keen on because I don’t really like books where the H is with another woman even though it’s before he met the h.
I liked Lorelei especially the way she stood up for herself and I laughed at the condom situation even though it did cut me off seeing Jack basically tell her that he dates and sleeps with women when he had his eye on her and I thought Lorelei fell a bit too quickly, I would have liked her to have held off a bit more lol.
I liked her daughter Hope though she made me laugh and it made me like Jack a lot more especially seeing as he wasn’t keen on kids and yet he took care of her in the time of crisis, I liked Lorelei’s best friend and Jack’s sister and his friend and the ending I enjoyed,it made me smile.

I give this book 4 stars out of 5