The Most Marvellous Summer by Betty Neels

tmms bn bookcover

She had everything — everything but love

Matilda had beauty, charm, intelligence, a kind and generous nature–it was surprising that she was still single and uninvolved.

But despite any number of offers, she remained heart-whole and fancy-free. Until she met eminent surgeon James Scott-Thurlow. It was love at first sight for Matilda.

He was the only man she’d ever wanted to marry! But as luck would have it, James was already engaged–to the glamorous Rhoda. And it was clear he hadn’t fallen for Matilda… .

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars

I always find Betty’s books a nice escapeism and this one was enjoyable, I liked how it was all set in the countryside and I like the H  James and the h Matilda and I enjoyed the beginning when they first meet in the church and it’s love at first sight for Matilda and I did find James a little confusing at times throughout the book as he was nice one second and the next he would be snarky to Matilda, I liked how she spoke her mine and especially when she decided she had enough of working for the not so nice Lady Fox, I disliked Rhoda whom James was engaged too but I thought her character wasn’t as bad as some in her other books because she wasn’t in it that much despite her being mentioned alot.
I did like the ending especially when James was trying to tell her something important and she wouldn’t listen to him and then how she was planning to escape so she wouldn’t know when he got married, the only thing that I would have enjoyed more reading about is Lady Fox and her reaction to that her daughter wasn’t going to get married first lol.