The Hasty Marriage by Betty Neels

thm bn bookcoverLaura had always been used to taking second place to her pretty younger sister, Joyce. If Joyce wanted something, she got it! It was, therefore, no surprise to Laura that when she fell in love with the attractive Dutch doctor Reilof van Meerum, he chose Joyce instead. But when Joyce walked out on him to marry another, richer man, Reilof asked “her” to marry him. He needed a wife, and Laura, it seemed, would do as well as anyone. So she accepted–but could she really expect to be happy with a man who did not love her?

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars

This book kind of took me out of my comfort zone, I’ve read Betty’s stories where the H is engaged to another woman which is fine because to the h that woman is a stranger and the H always ends up falling in love with the h and then he finds a way to break up that engagement and alls well that ends well but in this book I found it a bit uncomforting that he proposes to the h Laura’s spoilt little sister and when her sister elopes with another man, Laura who in my eyes has no dignity or pride decides to marry him in her sister’s place and he basically tells her that she is second best.
I would have been happier reading the book if Laura despite being in love with the H had just packed up everything she had and then tells the H that her sister belongs to him now and then she moves on to a better life and then marry someone who loves her and puts her first but as from what I’ve written above she doesn’t lol.
I did like that Laure had some backbone and that the H Reilof did get jealous when she made his friends with his younger partner, I didn’t like how she kept comparing to herself to her sister and it made me chuckle when Reilof tells Laura he basically married a similar woman to her sister years ago and yet he couldn’t see that history would have been repeating itself, he wasn’t very tactful towards her and most of the time he kept her down without knowing it and obviously her sister comes back and causes trouble which makes Laura eventually leave which I was happy about as I was hoping throughout the book that she would but Reilof eventually finds her and basically tells her she’s no longer second best and it’s a happy ending all round but I think in the future that if her sister came back free and single he would probably take her as his mistress because to me that what her sister is stereotyped as in these books lol