A Cowboy in the Kitchen by Meg Maxwell

acith mm bookcover

Rancher West Montgomery thought he needed Annabel Hurley’s help just with cooking lessons. But the widowed dad required more than great culinary skills to secure custody of his young daughter. Her maternal grandparents wanted little Lucy in a more stable environment. What could be more perfect than West’s loving home with his new WIFE?

Marry West Montgomery? That had once been Annabel’s dream until West had up and wed someone else. But now the cowboy needed her help and was willing to save her family’s business in return. She’d do anything to keep Hurley’s Homestyle Kitchen open. Still, living in the same house with West, and adding his adorable daughter into the mix? Was this a recipe for another broken heart? 

I give this book 3 stars

I liked both the main characters West and Anabel in this book and I understood why West broke Anabel’s heart seven years because if she stayed she wouldn’t being able to what she wanted to do but I don’t really understand why he had to break her heart with the girl who bullied her despite him not knowing that Anabel got bullied by her and by doing that in his eyes he basically proved his parents right about him being no good as he got her pregnant and Anabel was still in love with him even after all that happened, I would have been happier seeing Anabel moving on and actually being in a relationship instead of comparing every man to him and I thought it was a bit repetitve the way they both kept having flashbacks about that night.
I liked West’s little girl aswell as Anabel’s grandmother but I wasn’t too keen on her grandparents at the beginning seeing as they believed that West was an unfit father but I could see it from their point of view and I understood but I also understood why West acted the way he did as he had just lost his wife but they grew on me as the story I went on.
I enjoyed the chemistry between Anabel and West and I enjoyed the marriage of convenience plot and how she got her way with going to Vegas and I liked the way Anabel’s grandmother plotted to keep them together and I liked reading about the town and the diner which makes me wish that there is actually a diner out there like that lol.
I liked the ending and how everything was nicely sorted but the epilogue I would have liked to seen what they were up to a few months down the line but I’m looking forward to reading the second book to see what happens next in Anabel’s family.